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SandeepS posted review on Paragon Honda

just bought a second car (my new 2013 civic) from maxim kaflovich at paragon honda. Great sales team ... bought my 1013 crv exl just in july 2013. Live in queens so been to almost all the dealers on northern blvd...and hate the typical sales gimmicks... i do my home work so i could clearly see the difference between all the sales guys i met over last 6 month.... also mate several other guys at paragon ...but i felt Ariel and Maxim are the most upfront guys ... Happy with my purchase ... and loved the professionalism ... Done for now ... if i have to one more ...i will come to maxim or aerial . Thanks
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MarcM posted review on Paragon Honda

This place lied to get me to come - said they would guarantee the lowest price and then after talking to them over the phone I drove 3 hours for them to blantantly tell me go to another dealer. They SUCK.
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SashaJ posted review on Paragon Honda

I went there to find out that there internet prices in their own websites are all BS. The cars seems reasonably priced on their websites but they would never give it to you for the same price.
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MariaD posted review on Paragon Honda

Don't bother going here. They lie about prices they offered themselves. Also they try to show you how much the car costed them. They think the person coming in is a fool or something. Don't go there plz.
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PunyaG posted review on Paragon Honda

While browsing online I came across the car I was looking for at this dealership. I called them up to get some information about this car. Lady named Sara picked up the phone and kept on asking me my personal information when all I wanted to know was the price. She told me that they have 4th of july specials going on and they want to invite me in for a test drive. She basically told be that she can't discuss the price on the phone which I did not understand so I said I am not interested in it and hung up. She calls me back right away and leaves a voicemail that the car is for $9500. It sounded really appealing so I went in to check it out. Here comes the interesting part where I meet Syed who I am told is the manager of the used car dealership. This guy literally has no work ethics at all. He spoke very harsh and had no respect whatsoever. He tells me how good of a condition the car is in. I found out that the car had dents at different places and shattered side mirrors and other stuff but overall it was just average. I ask him the best price and he goes inside, takes 15 mins while I am just standing outside in the sun and he didn't bother asking me to come inside. He comes out later and tells me it's for $11000. I told him right away I was told by the girl it was$9500. After spending another few minutes inside pretending to have spoken to the girl he came out and told me I was mistaken and the girl said $11000. These people are big LIARS AND CHEATS. I still have the voicemail saved and i made him listen to it. Bottom line DO NOT EVER GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP EVER. THEY ARE BIG CHEATS.
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JoseP posted review on Paragon Honda

Please,before u go to that dealer make sure u go to another bank and find out about your rates,cuz I got fuck big time,finance guy tellin me that my credit 755 wasn't no good for other banks only honda bank n the low rates was 11.09 n for me to get lower rates n needed to get on the honda care service,that's $4,000 dollars extra.please,dont trust then find out outside bank rates before u go.and please dont take trade your car,cuz while u doing the paper they already got your old car ready no plates no insurance,so u wont back out of the deal they giving u.....this is for all first time buyers,dont get fuck like me....
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JoanM posted review on Paragon Honda

I was a little skeptical about the pricing and leasing a vehicle and Juan along with Jose and the finance department explained in detail and simple. When I was confused I asked questions and they answered, Juan treated us like we were friends for a longtime! Great service happy with my purchase definitely recommend this dealership
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LmaprasP posted review on Paragon Honda

I've been a driver for over 20 years and I've bought a few cars. The experience I had with my salesman, Edgar Quezada, has been the easiest, most friendly one yet! Edgar was extremely helpful and i love my new car. Thank you to Edgar and the Paragon Honda team!
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RuthL posted review on Paragon Honda

Edgar Quezada is a wonderful salesperson. He helped me get my dream car in my price rage. Thank you so much for all your help. I wll definitely will refer friends and family to him.
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AhuradhaI posted review on Paragon Honda

The service was professional and courteous. Edgar Quezada is very knowledgeable and showed patience. He was indeed working in the best interest of his client. He took the time to ensure that we were given the right deal buying vs. leasing. This showed display of care and knowledge and makes a client feel secure and confident in their purchased. Educating the client before they purchased.
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BuyileR posted review on Paragon Honda

Edgar Quezada, my sales consultant, was excellent from the time I entered Paragon Honda. He went above and beyond his duty to make sure all my concerns were addressed. Also I would like to thank his manager Clive Johnson for his help.
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VicR posted review on Paragon Honda

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CALCULATOR WHICH YOU CERTAINLY NEED IT BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING ENTER INTO MIND SPIN ZONE AT PARAGON, WOODSIDE WHERE 60(cents) X 30(days)= $60.00 and $ 60 x 60 months (5 YEARS) = $1000.00, this is what I got when buying New Honda CRV on APRIL 25th 2013 in negotiating price with the sales person/manager who enters as sales/price negotiator weared no name badge (deal breaker) after sales person (william - good man) unable to convince to buy. Negotiator talks and walks like a bouncer, treat customers like beggar, wants to pay 0.60 cents a day if come to see him. BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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