Drive Safer with New City-Brake Accident Avoidance on Honda Fit

April 26th, 2013 by

If you could completely avoid low-speed fender-benders, would you?  The answer, obviously, is yes, and we’re happy to share with our Paragon Honda blog readers in the greater Woodside area that thanks to a new technology from our favorite Japanese automaker, you and the bumpers on your new Honda Fit could soon be safer than ever before.

The Fit will debut in Japan this year with a new advanced safety system called City-Brake Active.  It’s designed for the low-speed conditions that are traditionally found in urban driving environments, which is typically below 19 mph.  It uses readings from a laser radar ranging device that is mounted on the upper part of the car’s windshield, and provides both audible and visual warnings when it senses an imminent frontal impact.  If the driver doesn’t immediately slow down, the brakes are then applied.

This system can also prevent a potential false start or stop the accidental acceleration of the vehicle when the car is either stopped or is moving less than 6 mph and it senses an object within 14 feet of the front end.  In this type of situation, it will first prompt the audio and visual warnings and then take over control of the vehicle’s engine and restrict its forward movement.

For now, the brand has yet to determine when this technology could come stateside, but the probability is good that it will be offered as a safety option in our Honda lineup in the next couple of years.

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