Honda Fit Hybrid Model Takes Home Japanese Top Car Designation

November 26th, 2013 by

As we are well aware here at Paragon Honda in Woodside, NY, many of our Honda new model lineup members have been the recipients of many awards over the years. But we still take notice when they do earn recognition, and a great recent example of such a Honda model is the new Honda Fit Hybrid, which while not yet available here in the United States, recently earned some awesome recognition in Honda’s home nation of Japan.

Yes indeed, the stylish and efficient new entry from Honda which is currently only for sale in their home country of Japan, has been named the Car of the Year by a panel of Japanese automotive journalists. The panel listed a number of standout features on the model, so we thought we’d take a minute to highlight what may part of the future for Honda, here on our blog today.

First and foremost, the model is incredibly efficient, something that drivers and automotive critics across the globe are coming to value more and more. It employs an eco-friendly 1.5-liter engine that Honda has linked to a lithium ion battery, for what resulted in the highest level of efficiency of any car in Japan.

The model was also noted for its futuristic, bold exterior design.

Honda models are so practical, efficient, and fun to own, and we want you to be part of the momentum. Visit us at Paragon Honda in Woodside, NY for more information on any new Honda model.

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