Honda to Unveil Civic Wagon Concept at Geneva Motor Show

February 13th, 2013 by

If you’ve been reading the Paragon Honda blog for a while then you’ve probably heard the rumors about a possible Honda Civic wagon coming our way.  The rumors have finally been verified and a Civic Wagon concept model will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in a few short weeks.

Since the idea is being revealed by Honda of Europe, it looks like this will probably just be offered on that continent for now.  We hope we’ll see the wagon come our way in the next few years, but for now all we can do is admire the sketch that was leaked to the press.

The stylized drawing of the Honda Civic Wagon depicts a vehicle with an aggressive silhouette and sleek rounded features, which is in keeping with the new lineup we’ve seen the Japanese manufacturer produce in recent years.

The Civic Wagon won’t be the only excitment at the Gevena Motor Show, as Honda will also bring the new NSX concept and the much anticipated CR-V with a 1.6i-DTEC diesel engine under its hood.

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