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Honda Fit Kit Serves as a Fine April 1 Product

April: there's nothing to dislike about this month as it welcomes spring flowers, warm weather, plans for upcoming trips, the kid's spring breaks, among other things. Before any of this, April likes to kick off the month with a good, lighthearted day of joking, and it happens to be a day the Honda brand holds dearly in its funny bone.

How did Honda get us laughing this time? We blame it on its…

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The House of Tomorrow, Today with Honda

We've been there, dear readers; opening up the energy bill and seeing just how much energy you use on a monthly basis can be a huge downer. But let us ask you this: that if your home was so efficient, it could potentially feed energy back into the grid? That's what our favorite Japanese automaker is planning to do with their futuristic Honda Smart Home. From solar panels to clever architecture to keep…

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Honda Brings the Drama to Civic Type R Premiere

Last month, we here at Paragon Honda informed our readers in the Brooklyn, NY area that our favorite Japanese automaker has a sporty treat to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in the form of the Honda Civic Type R Concept. The day has finally come and the Honda brand certainly brought the drama along for the model's unveiling. So grab your popcorn and click play on the video clip below for your front…

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Paragon Honda Helps You Save on Gas and Keep your Used Car Cruising Around Woodside Longer

It pretty much goes without saying that you need air in your tires to get where you need to be. However, did you know that having the proper tire pressure in your Honda can help you save on gas? The same can be said for used cars. These days, it's all about efficiency and every little bit helps. So to provide a little extra savings assistance for our Woodside, NY customers, we dropped in...

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Honda will Release the Civic Type R Concept in Geneva

The Honda Brand is known for putting out safe, reliable cars that are great at the pump and easy on the eyes. However, if you live in any neighbor that has young teenagers on it, you might have heard the low rumble of a modified Honda vehicle driving down the street; despite our wonderfully casual vibe, we can put out some sporty beasts.

One such animal will soon be caged and shipped overseas to the Geneva Motor Show in March. Under bright flashing bulbs it will emerge in front of the crowd who's been awaiting its debut. At Paragon…

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Spread the Holiday Cheer with a New Civic

Now is your chance to come on down to Paragon Honda and snatch up an amazing new vehicle this holiday season.

The weather here in Woodside, New York may be frightful, but driving off our lot in a new Civic would sure be delightful.  There's really only once place to go here in the snow, and that?s our showroom, so listen up to some Michael Bolton and stop by today.

We still have...

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Honda is One of the Best Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

Gifts, presents, rewards, souvenirs, favors; whatever you want to call them, the holidays are here and we'll all be giving and getting them in spades. So when you're picking a gift for a loved one that truly deserves something special, something amazing that they can make use of practically as well as for pure enjoyment and thrill, we can't think of anything better than a new or used Honda. If you're…

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Honda Fit Hybrid Model Takes Home Japanese Top Car Designation

As we are well aware here at Paragon Honda in Woodside, NY, many of our Honda new model lineup members have been the recipients of many awards over the years. But we still take notice when they do earn recognition, and a great recent example of such a Honda model is the new Honda Fit Hybrid, which while not yet available here in the United States, recently earned some awesome recognition in Honda's home…

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