Honda CR-V Redesign Wins Compact SUV Shootout

November 30th, 2012 by

The sheer number of model redesigns every year means that not all model refreshes turn out great. But the team here at Paragon Honda wants you to know that the Big H spends a lot of time and effort creating new Honda and redesigned models, so you shouldn’t worry about your favorite model not living up to expectations.

Honda always takes an open and iterative approach to the evolution of its great vehicles. The process includes sticking with what works for drivers while eliminating or augmenting what doesn’t work as well. And our team here in Woodside, NY isn’t the only one who thinks Honda does a great job at this. Just look at the Honda CR-V and its newest auto industry honor.

The CR-V crossover has taken home the “Top Redesign of the Year” award for this model year, beating out more than 60 other redesigned cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Kelsey Mays, Industry Analyst at said of the award, “Not all redesigns are equally successful, but the…CR-V scored big among top-selling models…the CR-V has been equally popular among shoppers and has also been a favorite this year, winning the Today Compact SUV Shootout.”1

Reviewers looked not only at the overall design appeal of the entrants, but the ratio of dollars spent vs. sales before ultimately declaring the CR-V the winner.

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