Honda Innovates for the Elderly

May 24th, 2013 by

We’ve seen Honda’s extensive innovation with vehicles such as the CR-V and Accord among several other vehicles, but the car maker certainly doesn’t stop there. Honda is also well-versed in the robotics industry, and the company has found a way to make this improve the quality of life for the aging population.

One in five Japanese citizens are 65 or older. That is why Honda’s created life support robots that will be tested in a mock household environment known as the Future Life Showroom in the Sekisui House’s SUMUFUMU lab. One of the tested robotics will be UNI-CUB, a petite mobility vehicle which is highly mobile to accommodate those who have trouble walking.

Additionally, the Walking Assist Device with Bodyweight Support System will occupy the mock home. This nifty device acts as a lower-body exoskeleton that will take a load off on legs and joints. Movement is not limited; users will still be able to sit down and climb stairs. Honda factory employees have also had a chance to test it out and give their backs a break since the job requires constant crouching.

Paragon Honda thinks this work is forward-thinking highly beneficial–not to mention it’s just neat. We look forward to what Honda will brew up next.

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