Honda is Testing a New Driverless Valet Parking System

November 13th, 2013 by

When science fiction writers of days past envisioned the future, flying, self-driving cars were some of the first images that they managed to conjure up. And now, in 2013, brilliant Honda engineers are bringing that future one step closer, as they work on a Driverless Valet Parking system to work in conjunction with the Honda new model lineup. The technology is incredibly exciting, and is a big step towards Honda’s goal of autonomously driving vehicles by the model year 2020.

The innovative new system, which has recently begun the testing phase, works by linking sensors that are placed within spaces in the parking lot, and then communicate with the camera and backup sensors included on most new Honda models. In the testing, a Honda Fit model was used as a guinea pig, and using its onboard rearview camera and the sensors within the parking lot, is able to guide itself into an open parking space, no driver necessary.

There are a ton of potential advantages to this system for drivers. The main appeal, of course, is you pull up to your desired destination, hop out of your Honda vehicle, and then it will park itself at no more inconvenience to you whatsoever. And obviously, this technology is somewhat limited to the world of parking lots, but even the staunchest of critics can agree, this is a huge step towards autonomously driving technology.

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