Honda will Release the Civic Type R Concept in Geneva

February 14th, 2014 by

The Honda Brand is known for putting out safe, reliable cars that are great at the pump and easy on the eyes. However, if you live in any neighbor that has young teenagers on it, you might have heard the low rumble of a modified Honda vehicle driving down the street; despite our wonderfully casual vibe, we can put out some sporty beasts.

One such animal will soon be caged and shipped overseas to the Geneva Motor Show in March. Under bright flashing bulbs it will emerge in front of the crowd who’s been awaiting its debut. At Paragon Honda we expect the Honda Civic Type R Concept to be well received.

This sporty ride, powered by a turbocharged VTEC engine, has been spotted in its mule form, but we’re excited to see what it really looks like. So far we know that it’s a 2-door hatchback with bold side panels. Artistic renderings have it sporting a curved spoiler that also serves as the taillights.

For under-the-hood ratings the number 288hp is being thrown around, but fanboys (and girls) have even been whispering 300, which would be impressive and put us ahead in class.

While this model is still considered a concept, Honda has a long history of bringing their products that are close to production phase to Auto Shows under the guise of “protype”. If it does go into production this beast will likely be tamed a little before it’s released to dealerships, but we hope it will still retain its wild side.

We’ll keep you posted as further developments pop up, but in the meantime why not come to Woodside, NY check out the 2014 Honda Civic Coupe, which is still a sleek vehicle for someone who wants that flashier vibe.

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