Driving Evolution

Your Honda. Your Way.

Welcome to Paragon Honda’s “Driving Evolution” – where we redefine your automotive experience for the better. Driving Evolution is more than a philosophy; it’s a commitment to continual innovation and improvement across every aspect of your journey with us.



How You Benefit From the Driving Evolution Experience


A Superior Shopping/Buying Experience:

Explore an unparalleled and simple shopping and buying experience at Paragon Honda, whether you prefer looking in-store or the convenience of our online platform. Paragon takes pride in our extensive lineup of more than 1,000 Honda vehicles, demonstrating our commitment to providing the ideal option for every customer. Take advantage of our innovative Transact tool for a seamless online purchase of your desired vehicle. Rest easy knowing that the transparent pricing you find online aligns with the deals in-store.

A Top-Notch Upgrade Experience:

Elevate your driving experience with Paragon Honda’s excellent upgrade options, providing newer, safer, and more reliable cars at the same or even lower payments. Receive a thorough appraisal at each service appointment, ensuring transparent and fair transactions. Explore your vehicle’s Kelley Blue Book (KBB) value through our custom online portal for a detailed overview of your car’s worth and upgrade possibilities within your budget. At Paragon Honda, upgrading goes beyond service; it’s a seamless, personalized experience perfectly aligned with your desire for enhanced safety and reliability.

A Simplified Service Experience:

Experience an unparalleled service journey with Paragon Honda’s dedication to simplicity and efficiency. We’ve streamlined the process, allowing you to schedule effortlessly – online, over the phone, or with Google Assistant. While we take care of your vehicle, feel free to relax in our customer lounge. We understand your time is valuable, and if you prefer not to come to us, we will come to you – benefit from our fully remote service, complete with convenient pickup and delivery options. Our services operate around the clock, providing 24-hour assistance whenever you need it.

To keep track of your vehicle’s health, you can access a custom online portal for a wealth of information, including old service records, recalls, vehicle details, and more. Explore our maintenance packages designed to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. At Paragon Honda, we prioritize your service experience, ensuring it’s convenient, comprehensive, and tailored to your needs.