Maintenance Minder Codes

What does the service code mean on the dashboard?

Main Code


  • Replace just the Engine Oil
  • Multi-point Inspection
  • Check condition and top all fluids
  • Inspect & adjust tire pressure
  • All of Code A, Plus oil filter replacement
  • Inspect Brakes, Check all hoses & lines, tie rod ends, gear box, CV boots, inspect suspension components, exhaust, and internal & external lamps

Sub Code

  1. Tire Rotation, Inspect & adjust tire pressure, Inspect & measure brake pads and rotors
  2. Replace dust & pollen cabin filters, Replace engine air filter element, Inspect & adjust drive belts, Clean debris from air boxes
  3. Replace transmission fluid (drain & refill)
  4. Replace timing belt, drive belts, and water pump
  5. Replace engine coolant
  6. Replace rear differential fluid